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Video & Animation Skills

Featured Skills
Video Editing
Animated Logos
Title Design
Motion Tracking
Special Effects
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Premiere

I have an eye for detail and an infectious passion for animation that comes through in the final product. Apart from CSS and JS, I have video production skills, having worked at an advertising agency where I shot and edited videos, created title animations, motion-tracked composites, and various other special effects.

Animated Logos and Titles

In these examples below, I collaborated with designers who provided storyboards and layered artwork. I brought the artwork into After Effects, where I animated it.

Motion Tracking and Compositing

In this Tahiti Tourisme video, the actors used a wooden spinner with no words. Afterwards, I used motion tracking and compositing in After Effects to digitally add words onto the spinner. The videos had to be created in multiple languages for a global advertising campaign, and so I reproduced the effect in multiple languages.

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