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Project type
Release Date
November 2020
Front End
Content Management
Craft CMS
Deployed by
My Role
Lead Developer
Nick Barry (Design Director)
Erin Campos (Producer)
Robert Reinhard (CTO)

SISTER is a UK-based independent producer of television shows. SISTER partnered with Bukwild in an effort to roll out a fresh new identity for the US market and convey its portfolio of award-winning shows.

The SISTER website is built with Nuxt.js, and is deployed to Netlify as a statically generated site. Craft CMS provides content management.

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I was the only developer on this project. The site was designed by Nick Barry, and I collaborated with him throughout development on layout, hover effects, and animation. I used Zeplin to reference the approved design.


The starting point for development was a cloak app connected to a new CraftCMS server. Cloak is Bukwild's opinionated Nuxt.js boilerplate with support for CraftCMS and Contentful.

The "tower-block" pattern is Bukwild's approach to websites: pages are designed and developed as a stack of interchangeable blocks, reusing components whenever possible. The end result is a set of CMS blocks that can be used to assemble a wide variety of pages.


Most animations are achieved with CSS transitions. These animations are triggered by user interaction or by Intersection Observer. Scroll-based parallax animations are achieved using GSAP's ScrollTrigger.

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