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Project Type
Release Date
April 2021
Front End
Content Management
Craft CMS
Netlify Forms
Onetrust Cookie Manager
Greenhouse Careers
My Role
Matt Carvalho (Studio Director)
Erin Campos (Producer)
Robert Reinhard (CTO)

Nuro is an American robotics company that develops autonomous delivery vehicles.

Nuro partnered with Bukwild to promote its brand and spread awareness — in a crowded, hype-filled market — that it has a fleet of real vehicles on the road right now, delivering real goods to actual customers.

See it now
Homepage Marquee

Front and center on the homepage we introduce the Nuro vehicle: first with a 3D animation, next with a video showing the real vehicle on the street.

The marquee uses a scroll-triggered animation timeline in which the Nuro "O" appears and reveals the 3D image sequence. This effect is demanding in terms of file size and CPU. To minimize the chances of long load times and animation jank, we did several things. The browser selects an image sequence range of sizes that is sized appropriately for the viewport. Then, the browser preloads the images. To improve rendering speed, the images are rendered to a canvas element. The animation uses GSAP and its ScrollTrigger plugin.

404 Page

On one of the tower blocks I animated the Nuro vehicle to drive in from the side. I knew it wouldn't be much extra work to repurpose this component and make the vehicle follow your mouse left and right. I floated the idea around, and we used it on the 404 page.


Redirects are managed as entries in Craft CMS. At build time the redirects are fetched from Craft and written to a "_redirects" file for use by Netlify.

Netlify Forms handles the website's form submissions.

OneTrust Cookie Manager handles cookie compliance.

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