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Jon Jahr

I’m a Senior Web Developer based in Sacramento, California. I love well-estimated projects, tasteful UI animations, and board games.

A Veteran



I’m all about keeping projects organized and on schedule. But I also strive to add those fun website extras that get noticed during client presentations. I’ve tackled PageSpeed optimizations, accessibility overhauls, CMS replatforms, and API integrations.

Roots in



A degree in graphic design and friendships with talented designers have taught me to respect the craft. Fixing widows, adding breakpoints, and nailing pixel-perfect designs are an enjoyable part of the process, not a burden.

Video and



I have an eye for detail and an infectious passion for animation that comes through in the final product. Apart from CSS and JS, I have video production skills, having worked at an advertising agency where I shot and edited videos, created title animations, motion-tracked composites, and various other special effects.